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Soul & Soil : April 28

Soul & Soil : April 28

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Earth Month Celebration with Like Minded People

I've never done this before, but I've always wanted to! Two and a half hours devoted to refilling your soul in nature and learning about soil. I will teach you about native plants, gardening design, soil, homemade kombucha, using a greenhouse, different types of composting, reducing plastic waste, and anything else that you want to ask me! 

I'll serve homemade kombucha and homegrown tea and local coffee from Laidrey's. Snacks will include local eggs (from my neighbor) and local honey and veggies and more!

Wear hiking clothes + bring a notebook and water bottle. We will hike with a view of the San Fernando Valley, a two minute drive from Laura's house.

Each of my guests will receive a little gift box from prostainable.

you'll receive a calendar invite shortly after you purchase a ticket. 

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