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Smudge Stick (Cleansing Stick)

Smudge Stick (Cleansing Stick)

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Native Black Sage, Native White Sage, Native Whitley Blue Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Yellow Rose

grown by Laura (owner of prostainable) 

A smudge stick is a bundle of tightly wrapped herbs that are dried and then burned to “cleanse” an area.

Native American cultures traditionally burned bundles of white sage and herbs in spiritual ceremonies. The customs and rituals that Native Americans performed by burning sage were highly religious and were performed for a variety of reasons. Smudging can often be considered a form of cultural appropriation.

Also referred to as Smoke cleansing, used to symbolize a mental starting point after a particularly hard time or break up, to promote “good energy” in a new home, or to perform a blessing. 

There is even evidence that suggests smoke cleansing may help clean the air in your home! 

Smoke cleansing at the start of a new season helps prepare my mind and spirit for the changes that are to come. 

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