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Oxi Laundry Boost (2.5 lb in Compostable Bag)

Oxi Laundry Boost (2.5 lb in Compostable Bag)

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Laundry Oxygen Booster – Greywater Safe – EWG RATING A+

**scoop NOT included - in an effort to reduce plastic waste, please use a tablespoon 

Sodium Percarbonate non-chlorine bleach, whitener + Sodium Carbonate water softener + Sodium Bicarbonate odor remover

Small-Medium load – 1 TBSP
Large load – 2 TBSP

Add to Top or Front Load Machines - sprinkle desired amount on top of the load of laundry. 

PreSoak - Add 1-3 TBSP to water in a sink or basin, let garment soak for 2 to 8 hours depending on the stain or smell. Wash as directed.

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