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The Keeper (Menstrual Cup)

$15.00 $35.00

The Cup that Created the Menstrual Cup Industry
A Women and Family Owned Business Manufacturing Menstrual Cups since 1987


The Keeper® is a small, flexible, internally worn reusable menstrual cup. The Keeper® is made of natural gum rubber (latex). It is simple to use, innovative, economical, comfortable, and environment-friendly. When cared for properly (e.g., no contact with harsh chemicals), it has the potential to last 10 years.

Available since 1987, The Keeper is used by women worldwide.

Approved by the FDA,

Learn how to use and care for The Keeper® menstrual cup to get all of its economic benefits. Compared with the ongoing and escalating prices of pads and tampons, The Keeper costs only pennies per month.

The Keeper (Menstrual Cup)

$15.00 $35.00