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Mending, Knitting, Sewing Classes


We will help you learn to knit, repair your clothing, or make a denim clutch from upcycled denim! Please arrive on time, you can leave when you're finished if you finish before others.

Lauren Astor has 20+ years of knitting and sewing experience. She will be at prostainable to help you repair your own clothing: replace buttons, patch holes, hemming, etc. 

6 available spots per date

  • Mon June 19 (1p-3p) Intro to Knitting 
  • Fri July 21 (4-6p) Upcycled Denim Clutch
  • Sun Aug 20 (1-4p) Mending Party, repair your own items that need some love

Please bring: 

  • Your own water bottle (for drinking)
  • Knitting needles & yarn if you're attending the knitting class. (Size 7 knitting needle, example needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo Single Point Knitting Needles. 500 yards of worsted weight yarn. Example yarn: Lionbrand re-tweed yarn)
  • Old Denim if you're attending the upcycled denim clutch class
  • Clothes that you've been waiting to repair if you're attending the mending class

Mending, Knitting, Sewing Classes