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Coconut Bowl Candles


Handmade by prostainable! When finished with your candle, reuse your coconut bowl in the kitchen for sauces, yogurts, and more! *hand wash only

Locals - we will take your coco bowls back for a $4 off your next purchase! We will make a new candle out of the bowl if you do not want it.

Aroma - Lavender, citrus, sweet marjoram, patchouli, chamomile, and geranium

Regular Bowls are made of Soy wax + 100% Pure Essential Oils + Wooden Wick + herbs & flowers

Heart Bowls are made of Soy wax + 100% Pure Essential Oils + 3 cotton Wicks + herbs & flowers

Do not burn to the very bottom - you could burn through the coconut!

Sizes are approximate because coconuts are unique in shape.

  •  7-8 oz candle wax

Trouble shooting - If your wax is not melting on the sides, when the candle is lit & warm, gently push the sidewalls of the wax down so that it will burn evenly.

Coconut Bowl Candles