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BEE HOTEL - Made in San Fernando Valley



Creative Arts Farm, a San Fernando Valley urban family farm fostering sustainability & self-care awareness. @sirilorece is a registered yoga teacher, singer, and educator. And @buildandbeats is a solar power advocate and craftsman!

Bee Hives will not only help our local pollinators but we will also donate 5% of the bee hotel sales to Friends of the Earth who are battling companies like Kroger to get pesticides out of large chain food suppliers.

According to The Honeybee Conservancy, 70% of bee species nest underground and the remaining 30% nest in cavities or holes in wood or hollow broken stems. Bee hotels have not been studied in depth, but here are some results from one study:

  • On average each hotel produced 45 insects.

  • 31 species of pollinating bees were found, which represents 52% of all cavity-nesting species in the area.

  • 10% of the bee species were non-native, representing 37% of the bees reared.

  • Broods produced were 2,500/year of native bees and 6,000/year of all others (non-native bees and wasps, and native wasps).

  • Wasps used the site more than bees, which are also great for gardens!

  • Hotels located in gardens had a higher ratio of native bees than non-garden areas.

BEE HOTEL - Made in San Fernando Valley