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Bogue Organic Goat Milk Soaps - Handmade in Ojai, CA


N° 6 Walk in Ojai - The soothing effect of Lavender and Sage with the balancing effects of Ylang Ylang pair up in Bogue Milk Soap N° 6 (Walk in Provence).

N° 38 BESPOKE ‘Mountaineer’ - fights dry & cracked skin with Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, Carrot-seed, Marjoram & Myrrh in healing Apricot Kernel, Borage, Rosehips & Tamanu Oils

N°21 Moisturizing Chiefs Peak Blend- Detoxifying Activated Charcoal, Soothing Himalayan Cedarwood, Uplifting Rosemary & Frankincense with Kaolin Clay

No 11 The Gardener Blend - Juniper berry, cornmeal exfoliate, antibacterial, healing tea tree, rosemary, lavender with odor lifting orange and juniper oils. This gardeners bar is loaded with exfoliants and essential oils to clean working hands and protect from infection.

No 19 “Namaste” Yogi Blend - Increase focus and breath awareness with holy basil, eucalyptus and myrrh, while grounding ginger, vetiver and patchouli keep you centered. No 19 helps you connect more deeply to your breath, soothes muscles, while leaving you calm and balanced.

Bogue Organic Goat Milk Soaps - Handmade in Ojai, CA